Our Team

Dr. Eric Guy is certified by the ABIM (internal medicine) as well as the ABOM (American Board of Obesity Medicine). He has treated several thousand Obese patients that spans the last 20 years. Because of his knowledge of the nuances of internal medicine, he is adept at diagnosing the treating conditions known to affect weight.

Dr. Guy studied biochemistry at UT Austin followed by internal medicine at Texas Tech Health Science Center in Amarillo. Immediately after finishing his residency (2001) he became board certified in IM and later recertified in 2016. He has practiced traditional internal medicine as well as Emergency Medicine. He completed several continuous education seminars in Obesity Medicine, one being the Harvard Blackburn course in Obesity. He became ABOM certified in 2020.

Dr. Guy is married to his life-long partner Gabriela Guy. Together they have 4 beautiful children. His wife and children have been studying Jui-Jitsu at Gracie Barra Round Rock for several years. Dr. Guy's hobbies include cooking (very fattening foods!), running, skiing, hiking, and breaking up fights among his children.