Dr. Eric Guy

Board Certified Obesity Medicine Physician and Internal Medicine.

  • Medical Weight Loss
  • Lipotropic Injections
  • Hormone Therapy/Testosterone

What sets us apart from our competition?

Our work is proven

All that we do is EVIDENCE based.

Personalized attention

Team approach with your personal coach

We take care of you

Laboratory analysis by the doctor to r/o diabetes and other disorders and hormonal conditions.

We guide you

Customized weight loss program with the judicious use of medications, nutrition, exercise, and behavior therapy.

No wait

Short to NO wait time.


Personalized oversight or consultation with a doctor board certified in Obesity Medicine.

About our practice

This medical weight loss clinic is a non-surgical weight loss clinic for adults committed to helping you find long term success in your journey to great health. Under the expert guidance of Dr. Guy, his entire team will be focused on creating a customized plan to help guide you through every step of your journey. He uses the latest techniques that he feels gives you the best chance at short as well as long term weight loss.

Some of the techniques, or pillars used are behavior changes, medications that help suppress the appetite, lipotropic injections to enhance fat burning, nutritional counseling, and an exercise prescription when indicated. He supports the use the Ideal Protein platform as it is a highly structured program that has been compared to the conventional low fat low cholesterol diet in the Tulane study. In this randomized study, at 3 months, the Ideal Protein arm showed a 17.8-pound weight loss. The traditional low fat low cholesterol arm showed a weight loss of only 3.5 pounds.

Obesity medicine is not "One-size-fits- all" medicine as everyone has different behaviors, food and exercise preferences, tendencies for weight regain, and different medical conditions that provide unique challenges for even the most up to date medical professionals. A classic example would be the patient who is taking several medications that increase the appetite. In this situation, one very important change needed may be the adjustment of the medications. Dr. Guy and his team in Round Rock, TX will be focused on your comfort and wellbeing as they guide you through every step of your medical weight loss treatment.