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Empower RF  

What Is Empower RF  ?

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Empower RF represents a breakthrough in addressing a common, yet often unspoken challenge that many women face as they age. A personal story close to my heart involves someone dear who, in her early forties and after naturally giving birth to three children, experienced urinary incontinence triggered by laughter, physical activity, or sudden movements. These life-altering conditions seem irreversible until now. Empower RF leverages cutting-edge technology to offer a non-surgical solution for incontinence and sexual wellness, making a significant advancement in women's health.

Empower RF is designed to address multiple concerns, including:

  •  vaginal laxity and lack of tightness 
  •  lack of vaginal sensation
  •  lack of or delay of orgasm
  •  vaginal dryness, lack of lubrication during sexual activity
  •  discomfort during intercourse
  •  changes in the appearance of the labia and vulva
  •  urinary incontinence
  •  symptoms of overactive bladder and urge incontinence

This Innovative technology offers hope and improves quality of life for those affected by these sensitive issues.

How does Empower RF work?
Empower RF is the most advanced and comprehensive feminine wellness solution available. It uses a combination of synergistic complementary energies including radio- frequency (RF) and electrical muscle stimulation (EMS) to address common feminine wellness concerns. 

Treatments are customized and tailored to meet your specific needs and conditions. All Empower RF procedures are performed in a physician’s office. With Empower RF there is no general anesthesia, large incisions, or the downtown that is associated with excisional interventions. Empower RF will help you regain your self-confidence and improve your quality of life. 

What can I expect?
Empower RF is designed to safely and effectively treat delicate areas and improve functional health. Most clients find the treatments very comfortable and painless. Your physician will discuss in detail with you the specifics of your customized plan and how it will meet your individual needs. 

How many sessions are recommended?
Your physician will recommend the ideal combination of sessions to be performed based on your personal condition. treatment times and frequency will be specifically tailored to obtain the optimal results.


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