Kybella is a solution that is injected directly into the adipose (fat) tissue of the neck to destroy and dissolve fat cells. Each treatment lasts approximately 15 minutes. Multiple small injections with a small needle are used to deliver the acid. Many patients see visible results after 2-4 treatment sessions, but some patients may need up to 6 separate treatment sessions for optimal results. Each treatment should be separated by 5-6 weeks.

It is a treatment that does not require anesthesia.

It is administered by injecting the area several times and up to six sessions are required to achieve optimal results.

Kybella is administered by injection into the area of ​​unwanted fat.

Kybella is a synthetic version of deoxycholic acid. This acid is normally found in our gallbladder released in the intestine and helps break down the fats we eat.

Once injected, it starts separating fat cells immediately. Due to this fat breakdown mechanism, there is some inflammation.

The destruction of fat cells will also cause some swelling. Within 15 minutes, it is no longer active and its effect on fat cells is complete. The amount of swelling you get is variable, but in general, the larger the treated area, the more swelling you get.



Kybella has been evaluated in multiple studies in more than 1,600 patients.

The results are permanent. Once fat cells are destroyed with Kybella, they never come back.



Also known as ATX-101, Kybella was created using a synthetic version of deoxycholic acid. This substance is normally found in the human body, where it emulsifies dietary fat. The Kybella formulation deactivates the cell membrane, the cell walls, and therefore the general cohesion of the cell. Once the fat cell has been disabled, it is safely removed from the system over time. Removing a large number of fat cells reduces the volume of an area.

Patients respond well and are often very satisfied with this new, cutting-edge treatment. In addition to experiencing a reduction in submental fat, they feel better about their appearance and less self-conscious about their weight and the aging process
In total, an in-office Kybella treatment typically only requires 15-20 minutes to perform. During treatments, the patient’s submental fat cells are targeted using precise injections. The number of injections needed varies.

Typically, results can be seen after an average of two to four Kybella treatment sessions. Sometimes as many as six are required to achieve full results. Patients will wait a month between each session. In general, once the degree of change desired by the patient has been achieved, no further treatment will be necessary.

Following treatment, some patients have experienced some degree of bruising, swelling, and/or numbness. This is temporary and will go away soon.

It Can Help Reduce or Erase a Double Chin
It Has a Lower Risk of Adverse Reactions
It Was Created Specifically to Treat Submental Fullness
It’s Not Painful
It Can Result in a Younger and Leaner Appearance
It Has Little to No Downtime
It Is a Non-Invasive Process
It Is a Quick Process
It Can Be Done In Six Treatments or Less
It Shows Results In Just Four to Six Weeks
It Has Long-Lasting Results
It Doesn’t Come With Many Pre-Treatment or Post-Treatment Guidelines

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