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Kelly Merritt

Medical Assistant.

Kelly Merritt, a committed Medical Technician and a certified Laser Professional Technician trained by Texas Laser and Aesthetics Training Academy, is a passionate hard-working specialist who loves healthiness and nutrition.
Kelly was born in Peru and moved to Argentina at the age of five. Her mother, Julia and her family there, were her strength during all her life, giving her unconditional love and support. She dreamed on traveling the world and meeting new people and cultures what made her took the decision of studying a career which allows her to find a job wherever she goes, so she became a certified Gastronomic Professional.
At the age of 21, she decided to leave Argentina, where she lived almost her whole life and began a journey around the world in search of new experiences and culture enrichment. She visited countries such as Spain, Israel, Brazil, Italy, Turkey, Peru, France, Colombia, Ecuador, among others. Kelly as a certified Gastronomic Professional graduated from Celia, a prestigious Gastronomy Academy in Argentina, she worked in many restaurants in different countries as a Head Cook gaining experience, knowledge, recognition and prestige.
In 2018, she arrived in Austin. After few months living there, she met Eddie Merritt and decided to settle in Dime Box, where he lived. A year later, they got married. As a first job in the USA, she started working at Kalahari Resort in Round Rock as Head Cook.
Her interest in Medical Health took place while working at Kalahari and she met Gabriela Guy, a special girl who became a friend and later a co-worker. Together, they were able to improve and built a professional and comfortable Med Spa and Weight Loss Clinic with a primary purpose in medical care and well-being of all patients received. Nowadays, Kelly and Gabriela work arduously on providing qualified treatments and personalized assistance in Round Rock.


3309 Forest Creek Drive Unit 403 Round Rock, TX 78664


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